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Hello! Do your children constantly wake up early on a morning, demanding attention or to be given breakfast? It can be very annoying and there are things they can do to solve the problem.

Welcome to to first in the series of Spookje Stories all about turning an undesirable behaviour – waking you up early – into something more proactive and positive.

In this short video, I  talk to children about the things they can do on their own, and still be safe, if they wake up early. Rather than wake you, (or their siblings) up, there are things they can do that will make them feel like they are doing something positive to pass the time. Whilst you love them, you do not necessarily like the behaviour of being woken up early, or having others woken up – which then leads to conflict and arguments.

These videos are designed to help you out as a family at home. They are on my You Tube channel  where I will post a new story each week. the children may well find the stories themselves, or you could share them with your children.

I really hope this will start to solve the problem of your kids waking you up early – try it – and let me know how you got on!