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At times we all get colds – so what can you do to enable your child to look after their snotty nose? Snot is never a good look on anyone – not cats, kids or grown-ups!


Snot is never a good look! Checking our nose when we have a cold is a simple, yet important part of self-care. Click on the image to watch the Spookje episode to get some ideas of how children can start to do this for themselves.

In the video I talk about – well – snot – and what children can do in order to avoid having a snotty nose.

 making the Transfer from adult help to helping themselves

When children are very little, adults wipe their noses for them. However, some children really struggle to make the change from relying on adults to do this, to doing this for themselves.

It’s always worth showing children what they look like with a snotty nose – and what they look like without one. Let them see for themselves what a difference it makes. Other children can be very mean and if they are walking, unbeknown, with a snotty nose, this can result in teasing and hurtful comments. There is simply no need for this if children are able to start to manage their own self-care.

Children also need to know what to do: blowing their nose, wiping it and checking in the mirror are three little things they can do to start with. You can support them in making sure they have a packet of tissues with them and help them get into the habit of checking their faces when they use the bathroom.

It is not something that needs to be a big deal – yet self-care is an important life skill. Snot is a great word to say as a family as it can be silly and fun. keeping the message clear, simple – with a bit of humour, is a great way to talk about snot!

What strategies do you teach your children to take good care of themselves? Let me know!