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happy, happier, happiest – happiness

It’s so lovely when your children are in a great mood, are delightful to spend time with, follow all the rules,  don’t argue….. and then BANG something happens and it’s all changed.



Yippee! It´s great to see you! I love you lots and lots, I have missed you all day – let´s play!


In this video I talk about how lovely this feeling of happiness is – and how to keep it. After all, fighting brings about bad feelings and negative attention. Day-to-day happiness is vital if we are to lead full and successful lives. Very few people live in complete isolation and we interact with lots of people on a daily basis. How we feel about ourselves, impacts on the people around is, even if we are not aware of it.

The importance of happiness cannot be underestimated and there are significant mental, physical and emotional health:

  • Makes you feel good.
  • You are more resilient.
  • You are more optimistic and approach problems with a “can do” attitude rather than “oh no, let’s all give up now” approach.
  • You have more positive self-talk.
  • You are more attractive to friends, colleague – and are more likely to have  successful relationships.
  • You are able to see the positives, even when bad things happen.
  • You are healthier.
  • You are intrinsically more helpful and supportive to others.
  • You live longer

So, keeping those happy feelings is very important – but not always easy in family life with so much continually going on.

So, how to make those happy moments last a lot longer:

  • Talk about change and give fair warning when change is about to happen.
  • Model smiling, happiness and positive self-talk.
  • Model honesty and openness – none of this is scary or make us feel bad.
  • Talk about your feelings so they are not bottled up inside.
  • Make time to be silly and so silly things – check out my blog about “Saying I love You” if this is not something you are comfortable with.
  • DO things together that bring about time together and activities everyone can enjoy.
  • Make rules and expectations clear, fair and transparent.

So, on a scale of 1 -10, how happy are you? If that number is not as high as you would like it to be,  what is it that is making you unhappy – or from doing more of what makes you happy? What is it that makes YOU happy? Get in touch if you would like to raise your happiness level!