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It is my pleasure to have been invited to present several workshops, and coach teachers at the Nordic Network of International Schools this May 2017, in Oslo. The Nordic Network is a collaborative network that serves International schools in the Nordic and Baltic Regions. The network seeks to enhance communication and collaboration between its participants to ensure best practices in international education.

Effective Strategies to Develop and Promote Self-Esteem in Primary Aged Children

What is it that enables some children have higher self-esteem than others? What can you do to inspire improved self-esteem in those children who doubt themselves, or their abilities? In this workshop, we will explore fun, creative and practical ways to develop and enhance children’s self-esteem through improved positive self-talk and developing improved decision-making skills. This is a practical workshop which includes interactive and fun activities that can be transferred straight back into the classroom. It also includes simple and effective strategies that can be shared with parents and can be used at home.

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Inspiring Positive, Professional and Proactive Relationships with Parents

What do you need to ensure positive, professional effective relationships with the parents of the children in your class?  As primary practitioners, our day focuses on the personal and academic progress of the children in our care. Positive, personable and pro-active relationships with parents / guardians are key to this relationship, yet they can be complex and even challenging at times. In this workshop, we explore what parents and teachers alike want and need from this relationship, and provide tips and techniques for ensuring positive outcomes, no matter the complexity of the situation. This is a practical workshop which will provide tips and tools on how to get the most out of your professional relationships with parents.


Practical Tools to Develop Open-ended and Reflective Questioning in the Primary School

What lines of questioning facilitate a more open-ended and reflective approach to learning in the classroom? What is the impact of using this approach on children’s learning? Using real life scenarios from the primary classroom, this practical workshop investigates different ways powerful questioning can be used to enable children to become more engaged in the learning taking place, and to become more aware of their own impact.



Andrea Robson & Martin Richards

Igniting a Passion for Learning – Bringing a Coaching Approach to the Primary School

Having co-authored a book together, Andrea and Martin will explore some of the key concepts discussed in the book which will enable all primary school teachers to use the skills of coaching in their own classroom.  The presentation will facilitate a deeper knowledge and understanding of what a coaching approach is, and identify how teachers are already using this kind of approach on a daily basis. Furthermore, teachers will be able to take away ideas with which to build on their existing repertoire of professional teaching skills, and to further enhance children’s learning and self-esteem within the primary school.

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