Inspired Coaching for Schools

Inspired coaching for education

Inspired Coaching for Teachers

Teachers give a great deal of time, passion and energy into their jobs. Teaching can be a great profession to be part of, and as primary teachers we take great care over, pride in and are passionate about our work and the children in our care. I loved being a classroom teacher, yet it was often challenging, for lots of reasons. Teaching comes with many complex demands and expectations, yet we all want to make as much of a positive impact as we can on the children. It is not easy, and professional coaching can give teachers support in the following areas – and many more:

  • Successfully bring about a work / life balance.
  • Easing the stress of a highly demanding and challenging role.
  • Further developing their professional skills, and inspire a passion for learning in their classroom.
  • Further developing communication skills and positive relationships with children, parents, colleagues and senior leaders.
  • Facilitating a growth mindset within themselves, the children and the school community.


Inspired Coaching for Senior Leaders & Principals

Senior leadership positions are highly rewarding and equally demanding. At times, the role can be stressful, with demands and expectations, from all stakeholders, playing a complex and interconnect role on the impact you can have on teaching and learning. In this way, Leadership Coaching can:

  • Successfully manage the demands and expectations of their role in line with the ethos of the school.
  • Lead from the front with built-in successful accountability from all staff and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure positive relationships with all staff, parents, colleagues and senior leaders.
  • Professionally develop your own leadership and communication skills.
  • Support with time management and work/life balance.


Andrea re-frames difficulties so I view them as a opportunities, and constantly helps me to see the positives in myself and the progress I am making.