As a teacher and former Head of School, I know first hand just how imperative the commitment to continued professional development is. With nearly 20 years in education and having lead training sessions, workshops, inspirational speeches internationally since 2004, I can now add coaching to my repertoire of professional services for schools world-wide.

Professional Development workshops I have previously lead, among others are:

  1. Using Talk to Support Learning in the Primary Classroom.
  2. Implementing Assessment for Learning Across the School.
  3. Implementing a Thematic Approach to Learning in the Primary School.
  4. Creating a School-wide definition of Learning. (series of 5 workshops)
  5. Role of Drama and Role play in the Primary Classroom.
  6. Multiple trainings on all aspects of the International Primary Curriculum.

In my role as Head of School, it was my pleasure to mentor newly qualified teachers, and those with many years experience. I have also mentored and coached many senior leaders.

Preparing for Job Interview

If you are a teacher or senior leader and are looking into finding a new job, whether it be at the same level or a promotion, I coach professionals through the CV writing stage, and to prepare them for the interview itself.

Communication in Schools

Sometimes professional relationships breakdown within a team or  between staff and senior leaders. Team coaching is ideal to set common goals and measure the team’s progress and achievements.

Demands and Expectations

There are often times when teachers and members of senior leadership teams face the challenge of achieving a work/ life balance, or successfully managing the demands and expectations of their role. Coaching is a neutral and non-judgemental arena where issues can be discussed and positive steps made to bring about successful outcomes.