RTV Marbella

RTV Marbella Interview

I was fortunate enough to be asked to come on the radio with RTV Marbella to talk about the importance of key life skills in children and what parents worry about.

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Andrea is highly intuitive so quickly gets to grips with what needs addressing, using lots of tools and skills to maintain the forward momentum

We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place, however the sunshine doesn’t stop parents being worried for and about their children.

Many parents worry about communication with their kids – they often feel shut down or  that much of the communication is very negative. Staying calm in the face of kids who are angry at you is not always easy, yet it is possible, and is one area that I work with a lot of mums on. Being there, staying positive, eye contact, putting down your phone when you are talking to them, all help to build trust and improve communication.

Children also worry about things. Some kids are very open and will share their worries and concerns. For others, it takes time for things to be discussed. Some kids say nothing and keep it a secret so as not to upset or disappoint their parents. They worry that mum or dad will be angry with them, yet, it is my experience that parents are so happy their child is able to talk to them, what actually happened is less important than being able to talk about it.  What is vital here is that kids need to know that the one thing they never need to worry about is coming to you to talk.