Costa Women Interview

Costa Women interview

the ways in which coaching helps you and your family – Interview with Costa Women

An interview with Costa Women about what coaching is, how it can help children and families – and how it differs from other support professions.

With so many people calling themselves a coach, there is often misunderstanding about the ways in which coaching can help support people of any age, or gender. Coaching can help anyone who is ready to make positive changes or who need support making decisions, or with learning some tools and techniques.

Unlike other support professions, coaching is very much future focussed, and its key purpose is to help enable people to make long-lasting, positive change. The coaching process can be long or short-term.

What is key in coaching is the relationship between the coach and the coachee. The stronger this relationship, the more a coachee is able to lean in and trust that they are in a respectful, non-judgemental and supportive relationship.

Costa Women is the biggest women’s professional networking group across the Costa del Sol and mainland Spain.  I am proud to be a small business sponsor of this amazing group.

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my sessions is that they are completely judgement free, interactive, energising, fun, safe, supportive, positive-focused and empathetic