Workshops for Parents

workshops for parents

workshop for parents on how to improve self esteem

I was invited to be the guest speaker last September 2016 in Marbella. The theme for this workshop was ways to improve self esteem – both for children and adults alike.

There are many simple and effective tools we have that can improve our self esteem.

In this workshop. I presented the following 4 key tips to improve self esteem:

  1. Positive Self Talk

Positive self talk is a key tool in improving our self esteem. Far too often we let those negative thoughts take control, so the whole group stood up and shared with a partner all the things they do every day that keep their family or business running smoothly. Recognising our own value and contribution to family and work is important, Failing to recognise our impact can be detrimental to our self-esteem.

2. Body Language

Our posture tells the world what we think of ourselves and is a great tool to improve our self-esteem. We demonstrated different postures and then talked about the impact this had on others. Good posture shows good self-esteem.

3. Compliments

Giving genuine and honest praise or feedback can be a hugely powerful tool that will improve self esteem. I modeled giving sincere compliments – arbitrary praise or gushing does not improve self-esteem – in fact it can be harmful. Smiling, eye contact and positive, meaningful praise really does do us the power of good.

4. challenge

I asked all the participants what they were going to do with what they had learned from the workshop. They had to share with another person how they were going to use these tools during the days and weeks to come. Self esteem is like a muscle – use the tools to keep fit, strong and healthy.

The presentation was highly praised and everyone was able to walk away with simple, quick and effective tools and activities to try out both in the office, and with family.