Inspired Coaching Adults

coaching for adults


Adult / Parent Coaching

We can be as creative as you like – sometimes going out of the comfort zone is a good thing. With adults I’ve used lots of different techniques such as simply chatting, post-it notes for ideas, walking the journey to success, looking at other people’s points of view, imagery, colours – anything that works for that person in that moment.


Inspired Coaching for parents / guardians

Being a parent is a joy – it’s also hugely demanding, can be very frustrating and parents often tell me they feel guilty, that they get very angry, or that they are “doing it wrong.”  Parenting in the modern-day world is full of new and unknown challenges. Parent Coaching can support parents with, among others:

  • Understanding and managing their child’s feelings and behaviour.
  • Keeping calm and managing their own feelings.
  • Feeling listened to by children and others at home.
  • Be able to talk openly about the small things – and the big things.
  • Make life at home more easy-going which is hard when children are angry, moody or un-cooperative.
  • Wanting to help their child and just not knowing where to start.
  • Would like to approach the school about your concerns, yet are not sure what options you have around this.