Being a parent can be the most wonderful role you will ever have – it also comes with a great deal of worry. You worry whether you are doing the right thing by your child – and you worry about your child. Guilt and worry are strong parental emotions; coaching can support you through these feelings and positively change the way you view situations. This is done by looking at the situation for what it is and then looking at what changes are possible, how to bring them about – and how make them sustainable.

your role as parent

The biggest secret I want to share with parents is this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! ALL the parents I have worked with, whether as a class teacher, Head of School, private tutor or coach, all worry about if they are doing the “right” thing”. Parents make great sacrifices for their children, yet they feel guilty about  being too strict – or not strict enough, if they give their children enough freedom – or too much. They worry and feel guilty about time and communication with their children – but often these are the two most difficult areas of family life.

Parents genuinely feel that other families appear perfect. The second biggest secret is this: the illusion of the perfect family is just that – AN ILLUSION. All that matters is that you, and your family are safe, well and happy together.

Coaching can support you through these and other issues, and support you in the process of re-discovering (or discovering) all the tools that you have and need to be the parent you want to be.

worrying about your children

Recent studies show there are 5 key concerns that parents have about their children:

  1. Bullying
  2. Self-esteem
  3. Being happy – anxiety, success and social skills
  4. Being confident
  5. Being successful

Hiring a life coach for you child will give them the tools and skills they need to manage these, and other issues, more successfully. Through coaching, they can develop techniques that work for them and develop life-long problem solving skills.