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It’s time to start thinking about getting ready to go back to school. However, while children may groan at the thought, many parents I have spoken to are more than ready for them to get back into the school routine! 


back to school

No matter your thoughts on the subject, it is time to start preparing. The list of tips below is the first in a short series of tips and ideas to help you and the family make the transition back to school a safe and happy one.

Transition and change take time, and after between 8 – 10 weeks, there will be changes for everyone. Many of these will focus around the more relaxed routines that you as a family have adopted. Bedtime has been much later – as has getting up. This is one of the most challenging routines to get back into, so by starting a little bit earlier, it will make the process of going back to school far smoother and less stressful for everyone.

  1. Start a family calendar with a countdown to the start of school. This makes the date more real for the children as time is something especially younger children struggle with.
  2. Make a list of all the positive things going back to school has and keep these somewhere visible.
  3. Make sure they know where the school is and what it looks like – especially if it’s a new school or they are going to secondary school.
  4. Check if they have had any summer holiday homework to complete! It’s not too late to get it done!
  5. Check uniform still fits and get new school shoes ready.
  6. Pack school bag and check they have all the equipment they need – sharpened pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener etc.
  7. Be clear about the school routines – do you go in with your child, or say goodbye in the playground or at the gate?
  8. Practice saying goodbye – get into the habit a goodbye routine and then have time apart. It may sound silly, but some children really benefit from this rehearsal.
  9. Get back to bed earlier! Start this a week before school starts – and getting up earlier too – it will make a big difference.
  10. Finally, if siblings are at home make sure they know it will be more boring now their brothers and sisters are going back to school so there’s no winding up of their sibling! Try to plan in some 1:1 time with your child who is going back to school.

What routines do you find helpful in preparing to go back to school? Let me know, it would be great to share them with other families.