free resources to use at home from the kids coach

Attached to this page are free resources you can download and use at home.

If your child is studying for the Year 6 SATs, among the free resources is a  complete list of all of the required spellings. Take a few each night and go over them so your child feels confident for the spelling test.

More free resources: the study planner is great for kids of all ages at any assessment periods during the school year.  This free resource comes complete with its own set of instructions on how to get the most out of it – including building in things that are fun and will help your children relax.

These free resources are available now and there are more to follow, including:

  1. Star charts to reward good behavior or count how many times your child is helping out at home etc.
  2. Reminder charts for mum, dad and everyone in the family – and all in different colours.

Year 6 SAT Spellings

Year 6 Sat Spellings





Reminder Planners