What is Coaching

Most parents say to me, “I’m concerned about my child…” and it is such a relief for them to be able to share their concerns with a neutral, non judgemental third-party who is highly experienced in working with and coaching children.

If you are concerned about your child, whether it be their behaviour, attitude at home or school, stress levels, friendships, bullying, body image, life skills or study skills, hiring a life coach for them can really help.

A Life Coach for kids might seem a bit strange, however more and more parents are turning to coaches because they concerned about their child and are not sure how to help. Growing up in the modern-day world is very different to how many of us grew up. Social media pressures alone have escalated significantly in the past 10 years. Consequently, this means there are many unknowns for parents too – and they find turning to a neutral, third-party not only helps their child, but them as well.

Much of the time, parents are not sure how to help – or it leads to tension at home when they do. It’s easy for kids to turn round and tell their parents that they don’t understand, or that parental advice feels like being told what to do, or are being lectured at.

Parents and teachers often ask me if I work with children who are facing issues listed below – and this is only a few examples.

Coaching is a collaborative process – it can be on a 1:1 basis, as a pair or a family unit.  We start off by making a plan about what it is you are worried about. I then talk with your child and we agree some goals that they want to work towards. Children want quick results so we always look forward, coming up with ideas that work for them. They come back the following week and we talk about how they got on.

In this way, children are developing both problem solving and reflective thinking skills. They become more self-aware and start to be able to use these approaches in daily life.