Private Tuition

what is inspired tutoring?

If you are looking for a highly qualified, native English-speaking,  private tutor for your child, with an outstanding reputation, proven track record, 100% customer satisfaction, great references and who comes highly recommended, you’re in the right place.

I believe learning can be fun and engaging for all children – no matter how stuck or challenging they find it. This is a the joy of having a private tutor – I get to know your child, their way of thinking and learning. I quickly discover what makes learning fun and engaging for them – and the progress they make is immediate.

Key benefits of having a private tutor

  • Learning is completely personalised each session to the learning needs of that child, on that day.
  • Children learn in a completely neutral, safe, non-judgemental environment.
  • Use different techniques that work for that child.
  • In depth, session by session feedback to parents, keeping you fully informed and part of the process.
  • Fun and engaging for children.

Learning is a serious business, and many schools are becoming increasingly academically selective. I genuinely believe that learning should be academically rigorous, yet at the same time be fun and engaging. If children feel engaged, highly motivated and driven to learn, they will not only succeed academically, they develop a healthy and positive attitude to learning. This boosts their self-esteem and creates a growth mindset. Learning should be challenging at the child’s pace, always with that built-in incentive to grow in knowledge, skills, understanding and self-confidence after each session.


What is the difference between myself and other tutors?

It is my experience, that some children become scared of learning – they are terrified to make mistakes, as they see it as failure. They become frightened of looking or feeling foolish, either to themselves or to others. This impacts on their self-esteem and confidence – and their ability to learn – not just academically, but personally and socially. They stop taking risks and begin to doubt themselves, and this can impact on their personal and academic success throughout their time in school – and beyond.

In this way, I specialise in children who:

  • Are falling behind and need that extra boost to get to the level expected by the school (or above).
  • Those who have lost confidence in their ability to learn.
  • Children who struggle with test or exam anxiety.

It is my experience, that even after a few tutoring sessions with myself as their private tutor, their confidence is on the up, test scores have improved and the children can feel the excitement of enjoying learning. It is magical to see them gain confidence in their own abilities in such a short time.

To me, being a private tutor it’s not just about “spoon feeding” knowledge to children. It’s all about finding what works or “clicks” for that child, so they can really learn and master it for themselves. Learning isn’t a one size fits all – so I really get to know how that child thinks and approaches their learning. In this way, I tailor the session to their learning style, their mood and level of confidence at the time.

I support children in tackling their worries or concerns about learning.  Over and over, parents tell me how much they enjoy listening to their child giggling through the sessions and enjoying learning – often for the first time. I use humour in a positive and appropriate way to enable children to  laugh about things that worry them. These worries soon become something that the child can successfully manage – rather than something to be overcome. For example, children are often scared of big numbers – so we break up those numbers and before they know it, they are mastering the number system.

Getting rid of the worries

It’s really tough for kids to learn if they are worried or anxious. The great thing about being a private tutor is that I can really focus on their attitude and confidence in terms of their learning. I  have a game that I play with children, whereby they give me all their worries about maths (or whatever subject we are focusing on.) Not just a little but of their worries – all of them. Then, together, we get rid of those nasty worries that negatively impact on a child’s ability to learn, and their confidence in their own academic ability.[/expander_maker]


What recommendations do you have?

  • Caroline Ashcroft

    Andrea Robson is an asset to the teaching profession!

  • Mum, 8 year oldSpain

    Andrea – we’d be nowhere without you. Thank you

  • Parent children 9 & 11 years oldSpain 2017

    Getting a child to be excited about learning is the ultimate key to success. This is what he gets from you and has been missing everywhere else.

  • Parent, 10 year oldSpain

    You are my calm – if you can’t do this, no one can. You’ve totally NAILED telling the time – for the first time my daughter can wear a watch and tell us straight away what the time is – it’s literally changed her life – thank you. I hope you know how valued you are.

  • Parent, 7 year oldSpain

    She won’t sit and listen to anyone else – it’s only with you that she is actually learning, I hear you both laughing and she comes out of the session really happy. Thank you!

  • Parent, private school pupilLondon, UK

    Whenever we come to Spain, we shall use Miss Robson. Our son loved learning with her.

  • Parent, 9 year oldSpain

    You have such a special gift with my children. My whole family are blessed – thank you for giving her the confidence in herself because she is doing so well and it is all because of you, her brilliant teacher.

  • His results were way beyond expectations! He is delighted with himself as are we. All very much thanks to as you he wouldn’t have done it without you. He has even asked if we can keep his lessons up over the summer holidays! The fact he wants to learn and loves his lessons with you overrides everything else! We cannot, cannot recommend you more highly.



My hourly rate is 50 euro; please email me at

I am fortunate to have superb references and testimonials, which you can view here.