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If you are worried, or have concerns, about your child’s attitude, behaviour, stress levels, body image, lack of life skills, or any issue which impacts on their happiness, hiring a life coach for them could help to support both you and them.

As a Kids Coach, I work with children from 6 years upwards to help them solve problems, resolve issues and to move forward with a positive, pro-active and problem solving approach.

Sometimes we just need to work with someone to inspire in us the motivation and positivity to look at situations for how they really are, and to bring about positive change. This is inspired learning and it’s all about making a positive change today for a brighter tomorrow.

My name is Andrea Robson and here in Marbella, I am known as The Kids Coach. I have been a qualified teacher since 1999, including being Head of School in the Netherlands for 4 years. I have worked internationally since 2004 and as such, I am able to fully appreciate all the wonders living an international lifestyle entails, yet recognise its unique challenges – and the impact this can have on adults and children alike.

After moving to Spain, I decided to focus on the aspects of my job that I loved the most – enabling children to develop better self-esteem, and supporting parents in solving the problems that make family life complicated. Growing up and parenting in a modern world can be complex and sometimes you just want someone who can help you find answers to the questions, worries and concerns you have.

I am a Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and you can search for me, Andrea Robson in the ICF database.


Andrea Robson

MA (Hons) HISTORY And Psychology – Dundee University
PGCE (QTS) – Nottingham University
Certified Coach CMCC And ACC (International Coach Federation)

I truly believe that coaches need to be highly trained and certified. Just as teachers should be professionally trained and qualified, so should coaches. A certified coach is one who has undergone rigorous training and mentoring. They have also gone the extra mile to have their coaching competency independently verified by an external body. My training and competency has been assessed by the International Coach Federation.

After leaving Dundee University with my Masters in Psychology and History (MA Hons), I then trained and qualified to be a Primary school teacher at Nottingham University PGCE (QTS). I was one of the very first successful graduates of their School Centred Initial Teacher Training programme, (SCITT) whose motto was, “Outstanding teachers, trained in Outstanding Schools.”

Certified Coach (CMCC) And Associate Certified Coach (ACC) With The International Coach Federation

After 18 years as a teacher, middle and senior leader, I then became Head of School. With so much passion for working to support children and families, I trained to become a Certified Organisational Leadership coach, choosing to specialise and work with children, families and schools.

I am a qualified and globally accredited Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation. You can read more about the International Coach Federation here. Now I work as a Life Coach for Children and their families, both in Marbella, Spain and internationally via Skype.

With so many years working within the education system in very diverse settings and roles, I still remain passionate about supporting teachers, senior leaders and Principals. I work with teachers to  thrive both personally and professionally in their demanding roles, run workshops internationally and coach senior leaders and Principals.


Throughout my career I have lead many training sessions for teachers internationally. This May I  presented 4 highly successful workshops for teachers and senior leaders at the Nordic Network in Oslo. Workshops were based on raising self-esteem in the classroom. positive relationships with parents, developing reflective thinking skills, and on my book, which can be bought on Amazon: click here


I have also recently co-authored a book for primary school practitioners to enable them to bring a coaching approach to the primary classroom.

My Philosphy

When asked about my philosophy, I have always had a passion for inspiring and enabling children to learn. For me, this philosophy is not just based on academic success – it is about maximizing every single child’s full personal and social potential, regardless of age, gender, nationality or learning challenges.

Throughout my career in education, spanning eighteen years, this philosophy has been unwavering. From class teacher to Head of School, it was my pleasure and privilege to work with thousands of children and their families, from hundreds of different nationalities, across three continents; Europe, Africa and The Middle East.

A Genuine Belief That All Children CAN

It is my belief that all children can enjoy the experience of learning in their own way and at their own pace – whether this be academic learning or learning about who they are as people. When children love learning, their whole face lights up – it’s those magical “light bulb” moments that inspire both children to want to keep learning and for teachers to want to facilitate these moments, over and over again.

It Is So Sad To See Children Doubt Themselves

However, it is my experience that, increasingly, children as young at 6 years old have become scared of learning and face issues around self-esteem. They have learned the messaged that they, “can’t” or they are, “not as good as their friends” Additionally, they didn’t just worry about their academic ability or their personal self worth, such as:

  • peer pressure
  • body image
  • stress
  • issues with siblings
  • breakdown in communication with their parents
  • anger and frustration
  • bullying and toxic friendships

Equally, parents, who only want the very best for their children  are becoming increasingly concerned about their children’s self image – and their behaviour at home:

  • lack of communication
  • lowered self-esteem
  • seeming reluctance to learn or develop all important life skills
  • becoming over anxious and stressed at school