Happy, Inspired Kids – How It Works

My way of working

enabling happy and inspired kids – How Does it work?

It’s always my priority to make the children I work with  feel happy and safe during our session together. Coaching is a creative and interactive process – and we have as much fun as possible. We draw, sing, move, act, dance, colour, use music – whatever works for and interests the child I am working alongside at the time.

Like adults, kids don’t want to talk about things that make them sad – this is why we look at what the problem is – and then go straight to a happy and safe place emotionally. When kids feel happy and safe, they can easily look at the situation or problem objectively and come up with ways they’d  like to see it solved. Then they can come up with lots of positive ways to make this happen.  All the ideas are theirs as they know what will work for them.

It’s all about what works for your child

So, in this way, it’s not really about my way of working. It’s actually all about what your child needs from me. I work with them to help inspire positive changes to enable a brighter, happier and more successful tomorrow.


Talking about things – and having fun!

So, if I was to talk about my way of working, it would be that I love working with kids and helping them thrive. As a teacher and Head of School that was always my favourite part of my day. So, I use lots of creative and fun activities – the ones that “make them tick.” It’s so important to understand who they are as an individual, if i am going to be able to support them in getting the most out of our time together.

Then in the session, we can work in a way that uses the things they enjoy. For example, not all kids like to draw. With one 10 year old girl, she loved to sing – so we sang songs and acted out scenes from the playground.


Is coaching like seeing a psychologist?

Coaching isn’t therapy, psychology, psychiatry, or telling people what to do or how to solve their worries, or problems .

It is working together to come up with immediate, practical, and realistic things your child can do to solve the problem, and be happier with the situation.

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