My Philosophy

When asked about my philosophy, I have always had a passion for inspiring and enabling children to learn. For me, this philosophy is not just based on academic success – it is about maximizing every single child’s full personal and social potential, regardless of age, gender, nationality or learning challenges.

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Throughout my career in education, spanning eighteen years, this philosophy has been unwavering. From class teacher to Head of School, it was my pleasure and privilege to work with thousands of children and their families, from hundreds of different nationalities, across three continents; Europe, Africa and The Middle East.

A genuine belief that all children CAN

It is my belief that all children can enjoy the experience of learning in their own way and at their own pace – whether this be academic learning or learning about who they are as people. When children love learning, their whole face lights up – it’s those magical “light bulb” moments that inspire both children to want to keep learning and for teachers to want to facilitate these moments, over and over again.

It is so sad to see children doubt themselves

However, it is my experience that, increasingly, children as young at 6 years old have become scared of learning and face issues around self-esteem. They have learned the messaged that they, “can’t” or they are, “not as good as their friends” Additionally, they didn’t just worry about their academic ability or their personal self worth, such as:

  • peer pressure
  • body image
  • stress
  • issues with siblings
  • breakdown in communication with their parents
  • anger and frustration
  • bullying and toxic friendships

Equally, parents, who only want the very best for their children  are becoming increasingly concerned about their children’s self image – and their behaviour at home:

  • lack of communication
  • lowered self-esteem
  • seeming reluctance to learn or develop all important life skills
  • becoming over anxious and stressed at school