Frequently Asked Questions


I am here to answer your questions, here is a comprehensive list of questions i am usually asked..

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions or need more information. I work with both children and adults, and look forward to hearing from you.

Whats is Coaching?

If you are looking for a forward thinking, positive, fun and engaging way to solve issues or set and achieve goals, then Coaching could be just right for you. Coaching is a powerful way of developing your skills and abilities, boosting performance, confidence and self esteem. It can also help deal with issues and challenges before they become major problems.

Coaching is a result-orientated dialogue between a coach and a coachee. Questioning and reflection are powerful tools, among many others, that a coach uses to enable the coachee to maximize their full potential. In coaching, the client generates their own ideas and solutions – they are not given by the coach. As your coach, I know that you have all the answers you need – my role is to support you in finding them.

What is your professional background and what qualifications do you have?

I have an undergraduate Masters of Arts degree in Psychology and History from Dundee University, a Post Graduate Certificate of Education with Qualified Teacher Status, and I am a Certified Coach, and am accredited as an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with the  International Coach Federation. I am a member of the International Coach Federation by choice. You can search me me in the ICF Member Directory. http://coachfederation.org/members/landing.cfm?ItemNumber=3030&navItemNumber=589 This means I have taken the professional responsibility to be held accountable to a Code of Ethics and a standard of professional excellence. In doing so I have committed to have Continued Coach Education – or  Professional Development Training and have my credentials assessed every three years.


I have chosen to specialize with children, families and within the education system as I have 17 years experience as a teacher, trainer, curriculum designer and Head of School.

What are the benefits of Coaching?

There are many benefits and these will depend very much on the goal / aspiration that you want from the Coaching. Benefits are certainly not just limited to the below:

  • Improved self esteem and problem solving skills
  • Improved ability to take responsibility for your own actions
  • Improved decision making skills
  • Improved communication with family and friends
  • Improved work / life balance

What about confidentiality?

I adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics which has strict agreements about confidentiality. I will always ask you what is taboo and “Who am I if we meet outside of the session?” This is different for everyone; some are happy to introduce me as a Coach or their Coach – some do not wish to engage. It is your choice, and is particularly relevant in a small ex-pat community such as the one here on the Costa del Sol.

If I am Coaching your child, we will all meet together at the outset in order to agree confidentiality. Coaching works best when full confidentiality is in place, however, most children are happy to share what they have talked about. It is always helpful to have the whole family on-board and engaged in the process – children need this if real change is to take place. If you are having doubts about confidentiality, always make sure you have complete faith in the person working with your child. If I am made aware of something serious, I am legally and ethically obliged to inform Social Services.

If I am Coaching within an organization such as a school; confidentiality will be agreed and transparent to all parties from the outset. The more confidentiality is in place, the more people feel able to open up and trust in the coaching relationship, leading to far superior results. In-house coaching can improve performance by over 75%.

What about privacy of information?

I do not share your details without permission. I have to abide by Spanish law. All guidelines are set out by the ICF and are agreed at the first meeting.

Where are you based and where does the Coaching take place?

I am based near Marbella, Spain. I can come to you, if the traveling is reasonable driving distance. Alternatively you can come to my place of work in La Cala de Mijas. I have international clients who are based world wide, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, The Netherlands and the UK. In these cases I use Skype or Facetime.

How is Coaching different to other support professions?

Professional coaching focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing personal change. The emphases in a coaching relationship are on action, accountability, and follow through. Sometimes it’s helpful to understand coaching by distinguishing it from other personal or organizational support professions.

  • Therapy: Therapy deals with healing pain, dysfunction and conflict within an individual or in relationships. The focus is often on resolving difficulties arising from the past that hamper an individual’s emotional functioning in the present, improving overall psychological functioning, and dealing with the present in more emotionally healthy ways.
  • Consulting: Individuals or organizations retain consultants for their expertise. While consulting approaches vary widely, the assumption is the consultant will diagnose problems and prescribe and, sometimes, implement solutions.
  • Mentoring: A mentor is an expert who provides wisdom and guidance based on his or her own experience.
  • Training: Training programs are based on objectives set out by the trainer or instructor.

Can you coach my child?

Yes. A a primary school teacher and Head of School I have 20 years experience working with children and their families. As a coach, I have worked successfully with children from aged 6 years. It is vital that your child agrees to the Coaching process – it is not something that can be “done” to them. I do not work with children with eating disorders or addiction. All medical treatments must be fully disclosed.

Can you coach my family?

Yes. A a primary school teacher and Head of School i have 20 years experience working with children and their families. All members of the family need to be on-board and recognise that Coaching is about equal relationships. Everyone needs to be able to speak – and be heard.

My child has a learning difficulty – can you help?

Coaching can help children manage some of the challenges of having a learning difficulty. It can enable them to speak about what what they need help with and can improve their self esteem and relationships with their peers. Coaching cannot “cure” a learning difficulty.